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Crawford Creek's Roots

Here at Crawford Creek Designs, we believe there's nothing quite like the feeling of headin' home, whether it's after a long day at work, travelling home for the holidays or popping in for a quick coffee. We believe that the most unforgettable memories are made from the comfort of your home in familiar company and these are the moments that inspire us to create our handcrafted heirlooms pieces. 

Each piece tells a story, much like nights spent around a crackling fire or camping under the stars. Our boards are meant to bring friends and family together and allow you to enjoy the little things in life together over a delicious meal and a glass of wine.

"There's nothing quite like the feeling of headin' home" 


Originating from the Peace River country, Bruce and Wanda moved their family to Vernon, British Columbia in 2002 to pursue a life surrounded by mountains, clear streams, pine forests, beautiful lakes, and that dreamy BC sunshine!

There’s no denying Wanda has a keen eye for colours, art, and decorating, so, naturally, this paired eloquently with Bruce’s passion for design and woodwork. Needless to say, Bruce and Wanda, both share a love for all things natural and handcrafted so it didn’t take long before Crawford Creek Designs was born. What started off as a hobby has beautifully snowballed into so much more.

Bruce and Wanda are known for handcrafting heirloom serving and cutting boards that will be passed down from generation to generation. These handmade boards and kitchen tools are made with the intention to bring families closer together. To encourage those fireside chats, family dinners, re-living the good ‘ol days, and ultimately give you the feeling that you’re always headin’ home.

All Crawford Creek products are made from wood that is locally sourced from family run craft mills, reclaimed, or salvaged. They also love to work with short ends and unusual limited pieces which they shape into boards using the stunning natural defects and elements to complement the end result.